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Spray Booth Intake Filters and Diffusion Media

Air Filtration Co., Inc. manufactures a complete line of intake filters and diffusion media for every application. You can choose from any one of four types of intake filters, or have a filter custom made to your specifications.

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Laminar III Series®
Use in downdraft applications where a high efficiency diffusion media is required. Available to fit all downdraft booths, both imported and domestic.


5000 Series®
Use in downdraft applications which require a lower initial static pressure. Use in crossdraft applications to provide the ultimate protection.


Custom Tacky Series®
Use in crossdraft applications. The industry favorite, the Custom Tacky® is a long life filter that is a proven performer at a great price.


300 Series®
Use in crossdraft applications where the user requires a good basic filter and cost is a major consideration.



Paint Pockets
This amazing media provides 99.84% efficiency with an average service life 3-5 times longer than other arrestors.


Paint Pockets Green
Offers many of the same great attributes of standard Paint Pockets at a more affordable price.


15 Gram Standard Grade Fiberglass Exhaust Media
AFC's most popular arrestor, ideal for use in most spray booth applications. Available in pads (GA) and roll media (PA).


PA22 Series 22 Gram Fiberglass
For increased performance over PA/GA Series in a similar type media. Available in pads and rolls.


Smart Media Fiberglass
Designed to depth load and not face-load with “wetter” waterborne coatings. Also provides up to 40% less runoff with heavier waterborne coatings.


Expanded Paper
Get high performance paint trapping capabilities in a low cost arrestor. Available in standard or high capacity and with or without polyester backing. 3200 Series, poly-backed option is compliant with EPA 6H law.


SA Series Styrobaffle
A three stage, baffle-type, styrofoam arrestor. Its unique design creates less static pressure than the other leading styrofoam arrestors on the market, with a greater average efficiency. Dissolves in waste thinner.


PE/PP/PR/PRH Series Polyester
High efficiency polyester exhaust media available in ½”(PRH), ¾” (PP/PR), or 2” (PE) thickness.


PF Series Panels
This prefilter panel is manufactured from two layers of quality polyester media and includes an internal frame. Available as a link-type filter.


P Series Pads and Blankets
The perfect prefilter where a polyester pad or blanket is required. The blue air exit side of the filter is tackified for added efficiency.


EA Series
Fiberglass panel filter designed for air filtration applications with light to medium dust-loading conditions. Use as a prefilter or intake filter where a lower efficiency filter is sufficient.


Pocket Type Filters
These extended surface filters are designed with superior performance in mind. They are available in many standard sizes, and can also be manufactured to your specifications.


Pleated Filters
Pleated filters are ideal in applications where a panel filter is required, but air flow restriction and efficiency are a major concern. Some sizes of pleated filters are not currently a stock item and may require an extended lead time.

Spray Booth Accessories and Hardware

To go along with our complete line of air filters, Air Filtration Co., Inc. also offers a wide assortment of accessories and hardware to help with the daily operation and maintenance of your spray booth.

Grids, Manometer, Booth Paper, Blanket Filter Conversion Kit, Door Gaskets and Rubber

Wiper Strips

Protective Coatings

Air Filtration Co., Inc. is pleased to offer a complete line of Protective Coatings, including a Liquid Mask, Booth Coating, Vinyl Curtain Protectant, and Dust Control. All of our Coatings are water-based and solvent resistant and spray on easily using standard equipment.

Booth Coating, Liquid Mask, Vinyl Curtain Protectant, Dust Control