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City Paints carries top of the line H&S Unispotter stud welders, and accessories to make this an invaluable tool for body shops.


H&S UnispotterThe Uni-Spotter 9000 Deluxe Stud Welder Kit is a superior stud welding kit for the professional body man who wants the best. The 9000 Deluxe has the most powerful transformer on the market and will keep operating efficiently in all kinds of high-demand situations such as multiple users or a low voltage source found on the end of a long extension cord.


The 9000 Deluxe features the Uni-Spotter exclusive Stud Ease Technology. Stud Ease holds the welding stud in the welder regardless of the direction the welder is pointed. No longer does the stud fall out of the welder when the welder is pointed in a downward direction. This design feature is exclusive to H&S Autoshot's Uni-Spotter Stud Welders.


Recommended Accessories: DK1000 Dent Killer and the 1080 Uni-Clamp Multiple Stud Puller


Dentkiller accessory for UnispotterThese accessories make the Unispotter stud welder more versatile, increase production and eliminate the need to buy a second piece of equipment. The Dentkiller allows you to use your stud welder without the nails, and enables you to pull dents quickly and easily.


The Uni-Clamp allows you to do progressive pulls with your stud welder. You can pull up to 5 tons with this accessory. These are great add-ons to a tool that you probably already have in your shop.


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