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City Paints carries JetClean spray gun cleaners. JetClean is an innovative quick washing system for cleaning spray guns equipped with disposable paint cups by using aerosols specifically formulated for use with solvent or waterborne paints. JetClean greatly reduces solvent consumption and resulting material waste up to a remarkable 95% less than traditional gun washers. Spray guns are washed sparkling clean and completely dry - ready to use in fewer than 20 seconds!


The secret to JetClean is a unique flow separation system that eliminates harmful vapors, spray mist and accidental splashes that are common with other spray gun washing machines. Painters will be able to make paint changes more quickly and safely - without any mess in the shop.

Economical, Efficient, Ecological and Ergonomic

Efficient :
- Clean and dry in no time: paint guns are sparkling in 20 seconds
- No pump system for less after-sales worries.
- 30(+/-) gun washes with one 500ml aerosol
- Confident colour changes

Ecological :
- Generates less waste
- No more vapours, end-users' health is protected.

Ergonomic :
- Less manipulations for a perfect result.
- Very compact.
- For right-handed and left-handed users.


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