Meguiars Car Care Products

City Paints carries the complete line of Mequiars Car, Boat, Motorcycle and RV Care Products —
from Car Waxes to Leather Cleaners.


Auto Paint Care

Car Washes, Auto Detailing Clay, Auto Paint Cleaners, Car Polishes, Car Waxes, Car Maintenance


Car Waxes

Liquid Car Waxes, Paste Car Waxes, Spray Car Waxes


Car Interior Care

Vinyl, Rubber and Plastic Protectants, Automotive Leather Care, Cloth and Capet Cleaners, Car Odor Elimination


Wheel & Tire Care

Aluminum polish, Wheel Cleaner, Aluminum Wheel Cleaner, Wheel Detailer, Metal Polish, Chrome Polish, Tire Spray, Tire Gel, Tire Coating


Glass and Clear Plastic Care

Glass Cleaner, Headlight Restoration Kit, Pastic Cleaner and Polish


Car Trim and Moulding Care

Trim Dealier


Chrome & Aluminum Care

Mag and Aluminum Polish, All Metal Polish, Chrome Polish


Motorcycle Care

EZ Clean Spray & Rinse, Detailer, Liquid Wax, Leather Detailer, All Metal Polish, Plastic Clear and Polish


Car Detailing Accessories

Car Washing Tools, Car Drying Tools, Specialized Tools and Applications, Microfiber and Terry Towels


Boat / RV Care

Boat Washes, Cleaners and Compounds, Boat Polishes, Boat Waxes, Boat Maintence, Vinyl and Rubber Care, Metal and Aluminum Care, Boat Cover Care, Boat/RV Specialty Products, Boat Accessories, Boat / RV Kits


Abrasives (Finishing Papers & Blocks) and Buffing Pads & Backing Plates

Finishing Papers, Sanding Backing Pads, Blocks, Pads, Backing Plates