City paints Tech Tips



Download Spec Sheets for Your Spray Booth Filters Here

Click on the links below for information on the three brands of spray booth filters that City Paints carries. Note: It's a good idea to print these out and keep on hand in your shop and to keep track of which filters you are currently using in your booth.



Viledon 200 Series - Fiberglas Paint Arrestor - Exhaust Roll (PDF)

Viledon 300, 400 ad 500 Series - Fiberglas Paint Arrestor - Exhaust Pads (PDF)


Viskon-Aire Air Filter Products

Viskon-Aire Paint Arrestance Filter Test Report


AFC (Air Filtration Co.)

Visit the Air Filtration Co. page for links to each filter type. You can find your filter, print out your filter specs, and call City Paints at 415.626.1790 to order your filter.