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U-Pol Raptor™ Bed Liner -

U-Pol Raptor Bed Liner can be used in pick-up beds, wheel housings and undercarriages.

U-POL's top-class super-tough durable 2-pack urethane coating. Protects surface against rust, corrosion, salt, damp and extreme temperatures. Restores even the most worn and uneven truck beds or van floor to new pristine-look finish.

Dries rapidly to give scratch and stain-proof surface that is also U.V. resistant.
High adhesion, waterproof, flexible, helps deaden sound & vibrations.
Easy and quick to use, as simple as: FILL - SHAKE - SHOOT®

Download 2-page repair guide



U-pol body fillerU-Pol Flyweight Gold Premium Lightweight Body Filler

Premium grade lightweight body filler that is very smooth and easy to spread.

Non-porous formula that will not shrink.

Can be sanded, primed and painted quickly





U-pol liquid goldU-Pol Liquid Gold™ Pourable Glazing Putty

Premium pourable glazing putty.

Smooth and easy to sand.

Bi-cure adhesion system.

Impervious to solvents in 15-20 minutes.

Can be sanded and painted in 15-20 minutes.

New package allows for less waste.